Grapevine Nursery Philippe DAYDE

'' Grapevine Nursery Philippe DAYDE
First link of wine production.. ''

Technology at viticulture service...
We have technical means and modern equipememnt to produce young vine plants,
both wine grapes and table grapes.

Grafted vines plants allowed to reconstitute vineyards destroyed by phylloxera during the lanst century, and conserve the traditional varieties from famous viticultural region..

We produce all varieties in traditional grafted plants or in potted grafted plants...

We produce mother vines on an hundred hectares. As producer of rootstocks and vine plants, our products are submit to numerous cheking and strict phytosanitaries rules under franceAgriMer control. Our plants are certified by franceAgriMer, which insures the quality of multiplying material (mother vines, nursery and plants).

In Europe, all our plants are sold under ENTAV INRA trademark

Our staff is competent and experienced, trained to the evolution of growing trade...

Available technical advisers are at your disposal for any information you nedd, so do not last to take advantage of quality at the rigth price, and consult us for your future plantation!

Clonal selection...
Nowadeays the French clonal selection is the best of the world. All types of clones are available. Improvment of vine material by means of clonal seleccion has become the way to commercialize vine plants free from diseas and having the characteristics required by the viticulturists.

Clon definition :
A clone is a vegetative descent in keeping with a stock chosen for his identity, charateristics and sanitary form. A clone could be quantitative or qualitative, it depends ont the viticulturist demand.