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Traditionnal grafted - Grafted potted plants

Products descriptions

Wine Grape Table Grape Rootstock

Traditionnal grafted

Grafted plants planting takes place in Winter or Spring.
Our plants are grafted on all rootstocks varieties.
Production and storage are made in best conditions of humidity and temperature, which allows optimum retaking once planted in the soil.
Nursery planting :

  • Maintenance, watering and treatment against parasit.

Nursery uprooting :

  • Sorting following very strick rules

Delivery to the viticulturist :

  • stem 20cm long minimum
  • stem 20cm long minimum
  • 3 evenly distributed roots.

Grafted potted plants

Potted plants can be planted all year long, whatever the season, whatever the weather.
Potted plants is our speciality. The best advantage is planting all year long.
All varieties and rootstocks are available.
Pot planting and greenhouse :

  • Next to stratification, pot planting after sorting of the grafted plants.
  • Greenhouse forcing to obtain enougth vegetation and roots.
  • Watering and temperature between 20°C and 30°C.
  • Exit from greenhouse and few days acclimatization.

Delivery to the viticulturist

  • Good vegetative state, shoot of 20cm minimum
  • Adequat regular rooting (all around the pot)
  • Regular and solid graft

Potted plants planting

  • Plants are made with vegetal material. So they are planted with the pot!

Products descriptions

Wine Grape Table Grape Rootstock